Grief Therapy

Therapy can help you cope with your loss. Call or email today to schedule an appointment.

Throughout our lives we all experience grief and loss. It is inevitable and yet it feels so overwhelming and lonely. We often have few tools to deal with the emotions accompanying the loss and few tools to manage the changes in our lives that result from the loss. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, a pet, career, relationship or a life transition, learn to stay connected and process your loss. I can help you learn to cope with your situation in a warm, caring and supportive environment. Loss can often make you feel isolated and alone. Let’s work through this together.

Some strategies you can use today to start helping you with your grieving process:

  1. Remembering the good times with the person:

Think of the person on a regular basis.
Talk with friends and family about the person and share memories.  

  1. Healthy habits.  

Take care of yourself with eating right, regular exercise and restful sleep.  Reach out for support when you need it.  Avoid numbing yourself with drugs and alcohol.

  1. Be kind to yourself:

We all experience a wide range of emotions when we are coping with a loss.  Depression, anxiety, exhaustion and loneliness are common.  Some of us may also experience denial, anger and frustration.  

  1. Remember, there is no correct way to grieve:

We all have different coping styles, different life experiences and different types of relationships – therefore, we are all going to have different reactions to loss.

  1.  We all grieve on our own time:

There is no standard amount of time to grieve.

6. Grief is also love

By spending time thinking about and mourning a loved one, you are also staying connected in your own private way. Its important to have the balance of having the private time and also connecting with your support system.

We all experience loss.

 Yet ironically we have few tools to deal with all our conflicting emotions and few tools to deal with the changes that result in our lives from the loss.  

Therapy can help. Let’s work through this together.  Call or email today to schedule an appointment.

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